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Do you look out at your lawn, see it filled with dog poop and wish you didn’t have to clean it up?

Dealing with that smelly , messy dog waste is a problem every dog owner must confront. How many times have you and your kids or your dog walked through the house with “IT” all over their shoes or paws? You find yourself saying, ‘I meant to clean it up,’ but with driving the kids to team sports, working long hours,and just hating the disgusting job there isn’t the time to get to “IT”. There is a solution to this problem! Your days of dirty shoes are over!

Why pick up dog waste?

Best Friend Butler Services, the ‘pooperazzi’ of dog dirt, offers year round, low cost service, with no contracts to sign. Weekly pooper scooper service is guaranteed! They also offer one time only and short-term service. Discounts are available for senior citizens and trained assistance dogs. Watch for special ‘poopons’ and get free service visits for referrals of new customers. A Best Friend Butler gift certificate is unique gift for those four legged friends!

Dog feces are more than just a nuisance and can pose a serious health hazard. Do you ever think about what your dogs are tracking in your home? Dogs roll in it, smell it, walk in it and even ingest it. Dogs don’t look where they walk and they don’t wipe their feet at the door before they come in and cuddle up on your sofa or bed! From mutts to pure bred champions, all dogs can potentially harbor Parvovirus, Roundworm, Whipworm, Hookworm, Giardia, Coccida which can be transmitted in dog feces. Best Friend Butlers sanitize all equipment and shoes between homes to prevent spreading disease.

Unfortunately, home remedies for removing dog droppings from lawns include hosing it or the ever popular ‘lawn mower land mine’ removal. These two methods remove the appearance of the waste, but the dog poop is now scattered into millions of tiny bits covering large areas of your yard! Another remedy is regrettably leaving rovers leftovers behind, while walking the dog to other homes and recreation areas in neighborhoods and city parks. It is not magic that makes the pet poop disappear; it can take about 12 months to degrade. Are you walking with more than just a spring in your step? When was the last time your children played in the yard? You love your dog, you love your yard, however you don’t love the least pleasant aspect of dog ownership, those nasty canine calling cards. Let the Butlers do the scooping, so you can enjoy the benefit of ‘dooing less’. Best Friend Butler Service, is every dog owner’s second best friend.

USA Today’s Health & Science article states that Dog waste can pose a threat to our water purification.

Best Friend Butler is your leading Dog-Waste Disposal Service.