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4 Annual Events in Parkland FL - Best Friend Butler Services

Parkland, Florida is home to several annual events, such as cultural gatherings, outdoor concerts, and large festivals. If you are looking for the best annual events in Parkland, FL, you will find almost everything here. Also, the city offers several special events throughout the year.

The following are some of the annual events in Parkland, FL.

1. Coconut Creek Butterfly Festival

It is an annual Butterfly Festival, and it began in 2002. It has been growing every year. This is one of the premier events in Parkland. Over 10,000 people attend this event. However, parking can be limited. There are so many things you can do, and admission is free. Local businesses give free giveaways during this event. And there is a K9 demonstration. And you will see incredible fireworks.

2. Deerfield Beach Wine and Food Festival

Does your family love wine? You can attend this event with your family. Several restaurants give out food. There is great entertainment and a wonderful band. You will pay an admission price. If you do not want to drink wine, you can drink beer and soft drinks. There are several places for sitting, including couches, benches, chairs, and tables. It is a great event for drinking wine and enjoying the entertainment. It is easy to find parking.

3. Artoberfest Coral Springs

There are carnival-style games, face painting, and inflatable bounce houses during the day, making it perfect for families with kids. Beer and wine are sold. Love German food? You will enjoy apple strudel, potato pancakes, bratwurst, and chicken schnitzel. Also, some vendors sell German items, flower wreaths for hair, and jewelry. It is easy to find free parking. There is no admission charge.

4. Florida Renaissance Festival

It is easy to find parking at this festival. You will enjoy music performances performed by different performers. There is a glass blowing demonstration, where you will see different glass decorations. There is a section where there are goal camels and goats and another section where there are owls, falcons, and hawks. In this festival, you will find several vendors, food, shows, and plenty of entertainment.

These are some of the annual events in Parkland FL. If you have been looking for a beautiful city with the best annual events, you should visit Parkland. You will find something fun and entertaining to do in the city. And some of these events take a few days, so you will have something to do for several days.