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A History Of Parkland FL - Best Friend Butler Services

Parkland in the state of Florida is a unique destination that is well known throughout the state. However, if you are visiting Florida, you may not know where this is or even why you should visit. It has a rich history, going back several decades. It started with a very small population, gradually growing up until the 1990s where it began to really explode. Today about 34,000 people live in this area which is known for its proximity to Delray Beach, Pompano Beach, and Fort Lauderdale. If you would like to visit this small community, here is a brief history of this unique destination.

The History Of Parkland Florida

This tiny community is known for its unique position, close to the Everglades in the ocean. It is designed for those that do not want to be right on the water and would prefer being closer to nature. People that are raising children will find this destination very appealing. There are places to go on walks, do sports, and also home to spend your free time casually. It arose out of the growth of Coral Springs and nearby Boca Raton, leading to its eventual designation as a city.

Why Should You Visit Parkland Florida?

You should visit the city if you are looking for a place to relax. There is the Pine Trails Park which is perfect for small kids. There is also a sports-focused park with playgrounds called Terramar Park. If nature is your primary focus, and you like the woods, the 6-acre wood park is a great place to be. Finally, if you are a tourist just passing through, stop in at the Carmella Coffee Company, or do a quick nine holes at the Osprey Point Golf Course. Quiet Waters Park is another destination that you may enjoy. They also have a festival marketplace. These are all reasons that you should consider visiting if you are passing through the middle part of Florida.

Parkland Florida is a beautiful location that you may want to consider visiting. There are very few locations that are unique. You can also head up to Boca Raton, head down to Miami, or spent time it Fort Lauderdale if that’s what you want to do. In no time at all, you will understand why this is a great destination for tourists coming through. Parkland is simply one of the nicest places that you can see in the state.