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A Look at the History of Lighthouse Point, Fl - Best Friend Butler Services

light house point floridaLighthouse Point, a part of the Miami metropolitan area, is a suburb in Broward County, Florida, United States. Long before what it is today, the suburb of the Lighthouse Point Florida area was nothing but mangrove swamps and fertile land. It got its name from the Hillsboro Inlet Lighthouse, located in Hillsboro Beach. This area, Hillsboro Point, was considered a very dark area, one that was hazardous for ship navigation, and in 1903, the construction of a lighthouse began.

With the Lighthouse being one of the most powerful lights in the world, the inlet became a busy waterway in the second half of the 20th century. As such, the lighthouse marked the beginning of the growth of Hillsboro, and the suburb now known as Lighthouse Point. The first permanent residence in Lighthouse point was built in 1947, belonging to Miss Juliette Becker. It wasn’t until 20 years later however, when a renowned persona in the area, ‘cap’ whose full name was Eugene Theodore Knight made a statement with his presence. He bought land near the Hillsboro Inlet where he built a bar and restaurant that quickly gained popularity.

His restaurant, rum, and gambling business have been rumored to have hosted notable figured like the Rockefellers, Al Capone, the Vanderbilts, Winston Churchill, and Franklin D. Roosevelt. Today, Cap’s place remains iconic in the history of Lighthouse Point as the oldest structure in the town, although the casino and slot machines were removed following a gambling investigation in Broward County.

In 1951, a developer, R.E. Batemen purchased land and built the first home in a new subdivision called Hillsboro Isles. This marked the beginning of a community, who communed in 1954 to decide whether to incorporate as a separate entity or be annexed by the neighboring City of Pompano Beach. These first settlers made the bold decision to incorporate and in 1957, the City of Lighthouse Point received its state charter.

Subdivisions were made and a small population of 600 residents grew quickly to about 9,500 residents by 1970. Between 1957 and 1969, subdivisions into Wooler Heights, Lighthouse Manor, and Venetian Isles had been made and in 1970, the Coral Key and Pompano Waterway Estates were annexed by the city, increasing its population. In the ’70s, the city focused on expanding its services and professionalizing as an entity. As such, a City Hall, municipal library, police station, cable TV, fire station, and fire department were established as well as open spaces and parks for recreation.

The ’80s only improved the city further, as a new recreation center was established, the Federal Highway was widened and a new code enforcement board was created. In the 1990s, Cap’s Place was listed as an official Florida National Register of Historic Places. In 1991 it was particularly designated as a historic structure by Lighthouse Point City. To date, the city continues to advance in population as well as development.