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A Quick History Of Coral Springs FL - Best Friend Butler Services

Located north of Miami, and west of Boca Raton, Coral Springs Florida is a beautiful place to live. Very close to the Atlantic Ocean, as well as the Everglades, it is a destination that many people often pass up as they are driving up and down the state. It is a destination that you should visit if you are ever going to see some of the best places that Florida has to offer. It has a rich history, one that many people are not aware of, which may motivate you to stop if you knew a little bit about it. Here is a quick history of Coral Springs Florida

History Of Coral Springs

This is located not too far from Fort Lauderdale. It is in Broward County. It was officially designated as a city back in the 1960s. Its name was derived due to the property development company that was in charge of the area. It began to grow very rapidly during the 70s and 80s. By the 1990s, growth in this community began to slow down. Population percentages may have slowed, but the changes in this community have made it a prime destination for tourists.

Things You Can Do In Coral Springs

There are several things you will be able to do in Coral Springs. First of all, you should have no problem finding outdoor activities that you can do. This will include the Tall Cypress natural area. There is also the Sawgrass nature center that many people visit. There are also arts centers, places to do ice-skating, and a regional library. There are restaurants, shopping centers, and fun-filled activities that will make your stay in Coral Springs even better. Even though the population growth has slowed down, this is perfect because it has made room for hotels and tourists that want to come in.

If you haven’t been to Coral Springs before, you should certainly stop by. It is a destination that has so much to offer. Even if you are spending time in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, or any of the other coastal cities, just drive a few more miles in to see Coral Springs. Once you are there, spend a few days and enjoy why so many people enjoy this location. Johnny Carson was once a major proponent of getting property in this area. Regardless, it’s a beautiful place to see and is definitely representative of the warm and inviting places found throughout the state.