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Are There Any Annual Events In Lighthouse Point Florida? - Best Friend Butler Services

There is a small community called Lighthouse Point that is in the state of Florida. It is close to Deerfield Beach and also Boca Raton. It is positioned adjacent to the Atlantic Ocean. It gets its name from the lighthouse that is there. Technically, it’s a suburb of Fort Lauderdale. It is also part of Broward County, and the Hillsboro Inlet Lighthouse is the main reason that tourists will go to this location. There was a census done about a decade ago that revealed almost 10,000 people lived in this community. It certainly has a beautiful view, but if you are traveling there, you may want to attend an annual event if there is one available.

Does The State Of Florida Have Annual Events?

This state is extremely large. Therefore, there are going to be many major annual events that people attend. They may drive hundreds of miles just to go to these locations where hundreds or thousands of people will gather. For example, the Florida Strawberry Festival is very well known. Thousands attend every year. There is also the South Florida Garlic Fest which attracts that specific type of individual. If you are in the Boca Raton area, you have likely been to the annual Boca Fest which is likely the most well known in this region of the state. However, there might be annual events that are specified in the Lighthouse Point Area.

Are There Any Annual Events In Lighthouse Point

When you check online, you can see all of the events that are going to be in or around Lighthouse Point. As you can imagine, due to the small size of the community, there will likely be many more on the perimeter instead of directly inside this suburb of Fort Lauderdale. You may want to attend what is called the Indoor Vintage Fair which is close to Pompano Beach. There is also a Vegfest, Artwalk, and Las Olas Wine Festival.

When you decide to visit Lighthouse Point, be sure to check when these festivals and annual events are going to occur. It is a good idea to try to coincide with larger ones that are in the area. You might want to spend a week in this central part of Florida, getting to know the culture and the people. It is a vast state, and if you decide to visit, try to go when these annual events are happening. Now that you know that there are some annual events in Lighthouse Point, try to plan your visit accordingly. It could be the highlight of your trip to the beautiful state of Florida the next time you fly or drive there for a vacation.