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Are There Any Famous People From Parkland Florida? - Best Friend Butler Services

Parkland FL is a very affluent location in Florida. The average household income for families is right around $130,000 a year. Therefore, you might assume that there are actually famous people that have originated from this small part of the Miami metropolitan area. However, that may also not be the case. Some of the most famous people in history did not come from places that were immediately well-known. It was only after they reached high levels of fame that people did background research to determine where they were born. Let’s find out whether or not any famous people have ever been born in, or even originated from, Parkland Florida.

Where Exactly Is Parkland Florida?

Parkland is certainly not one of the largest places in Florida. It has a population of just under 24,000 people. Being that it is part of the Metropolitan area of Miami, is just a statistical number in the midst of the millions of people that live there. It did have a brush with fame, though very much unwanted, due to a shooting that happened a few years ago. However, we are looking for famous people, perhaps household names, that may have come from this small area close to Boca Raton and Fort Lauderdale Florida.

Have Any Famous People Come From Parkland?

There are some people that you may have heard of if you are into sports or rap music. There is a professional baseball player by the name of Anthony Rizzo that many people know that place for the Chicago Cubs. In regard to NASCAR, Caesar Bacarella is another well-known name. There is also a former NHL goalie by the name of Roberto Luongo. Finally, if you have listened to ESPN radio before, you may have heard of announcer Jon Weiner. As you can see, there are a few individuals that are associated with this small community that is in the state of Florida.

Although there are some relatively famous people that are associated with Parkland Florida, no one was actually born there that is well known today. That could be due to its relatively new inception, only be regarded as a designated place for the last several decades. As time passes, there will likely be many more individuals that will come out of this Florida-based location. It is a beautiful place to visit, so if you are in Florida near Boca Raton, you should definitely stop by to see it.