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The importance of pet waste removal

Pet waste removal is of vital importance for various reasons: Pet waste poses a threat to public health when left uncovered, with bacteria, parasites, and viruses spreading disease through contact between humans and animals, potentially spreading giardia, salmonella, hookworm infections – thus making for an unsafe environment in which to reside. Proper disposal of pet

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Dog park etiquette

An essential aspect of dog park etiquette is to create a safe and enjoyable experience for all visitors, with these guidelines to follow when visiting one: 1. Follow and Follow Rules: Understand and respect the rules and regulations of the dog park you are visiting before visiting it. Each park may have different leash requirements,

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The benefits of dog parks

Dog parks provide many benefits to both dogs and their owners. Some advantages of dog parks: 1. Exercise and socialization: Dog parks provide safe spaces where dogs can run, play, and exercise off-leash in an enclosed environment. Exercise helps your pup maintain a healthy weight, promote cardiovascular health, and reduce behavioral issues from pent-up energy.

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