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Customer Policies

What will you do for us?

It’s like having a butler for your dog! We come to your yard, clean up what your dog leaves behind, and haul it away. It doesn’t get easier! If your dog can poop it, we can scoop it, removing the least pleasant aspect of dog ownership, because you and your family have better things to do with your time. Imagine never picking up your pet’s smelly waste again, and enjoying a cleaner healthier living environment for your family and pets. Our sevice promotes family peace; no more arguments over whose turn it is to keep the yard clean. We are also committed to helping the homeless and ill-treated animals locally by donating portions of our revenues to animal rescue organizations. When you sign-up for service; you are also signing up to help these animals waiting for the love of a family!

What do you charge for this unique service?

We charge by the ton…not really! It depends on how many dogs you have, how often we visit your home and the size of your yard. Please refer to our price list for weekly service starting at a surprisingly low cost of $12 a week. Ask about discounts and gift certificates.

Is there any extra charge for the first time?

Yes. We charge a minimum of $30 plus $10 per pan of waste after the first 2 pans. However, if there is no serious accumulation, the initial clean-up may be waived or reduced.

Are there any long-term contracts the dog owner has to sign?

No. There is no minimum service period. We can start and stop your service over the phone, with only a 24 hour advanced notice to cancel your service. A signed agreement is required for service to begin.

What happens if it rains?

Bad weather rarely slows us down, but extreme conditions may cause us to postpone or cancel a service visit until the next day or two.

What about holidays?

We do not work the following days:

  • New Years Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day
  • Yom Kippur
  • Rosh Hashanah

When a holiday falls on regular service day, we will post a holiday work schedule in a note attached to your invoice. Service returns to the regular day, the following week. They’re pooping, we’re scooping.

Does the dog owner have to be home for the service?

No, although for the first service it is best to meet with you and your dogs, so we can all get acquainted. Once you and your service representative have gone over the details in the terms agreement on your initial visit, there is no need to be present.

Should dog owners unlock their gate?

Yes. Since service workers do not climb or jump fences, please have your gate unlocked on your service day. We will always make sure that we properly secure all gates to protect your pets.

How will I know it's you in my yard?

All our butlers wear white shirts, black pants & a cap with our name. They are friendly, professional and very courteous. Company vehicles are also neat, clean and easily identifiable.

Can you work while the dog is in the yard?

In most cases we are able to do our job with your dog in the yard. We get along well with dogs; however there are some cases when  a dog will not let our service worker into the yard. If you know that your dog is unfriendly with strangers or it becomes apparent that your dog will not allow us to service the yard, then we ask that the dog remain inside or safely penned when we are scooping. We don’t want to take unnecessary risks with your dog or our workers. Please let us know if your dog has ever shown aggression.

Where will you clean?

Anywhere your dog can go, we go. We understand that pet maintenance can be a messy and smelly job, we accept the challenge. When nature calls, we answer, boldly going where your dog has gone before. If there is ever an occasion when our work is not satisfactory, please let us know immediately. We will make it right by returning to re-clean the property withing 2 days. We cannot completely guarantee service under the following circumstances: high grass, weeds or ivy, standing water, excessive leaves and loose feces (diarrhea).

What do you do with the dog poop after pick-up?

We throw it in your neighbors yard and leave a business card. Actually we bag it and haul it away keeping you from ever having to think about (or smell) it again.

How do you prevent spreading disease?

Our shoes and all equipment are sanitized after each visit.

What if the dog owner wants to skip a day?

You will not be charged if you call our office at least one day in advance. If the dog will be gone from the yard for a couple of weeks, we can hold service and you will not be charged for those days. This holding of service only occurs if your dog is not going to be in the yard during th HOLD period. We may need to charge an initial clean up fee if at restart, we find a larger than expected amount of dog poop. Gross Encounters of the Turd Kind should not be expected at a restart when the dog has been absent. There will also be adjustments for service missed due to extreme weather conditions or some other event beyond our/your control.

Is it possible to get a one-time-only service?

Sure! One-time or short-term service is available. We recommend subscribing to our weekly services, a better value and convenience.

What about other animals?

We service feces of many species by offering litter box cleaning services for your cat. This service is highly recommended during pregnancy to prevent the risk of toxoplasmosis. We empty the dirty litter box, then remove from your property to scrub and sanitize th box using our cleaning supplies, dry the box and place it in a clean plastic bag. It is returned to the designated spot at the next service visit. All you need is a spare box for the cat while we’re servicing the soiled one. Call us about other animals.