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Pricing - Best Friend Butler Services

Initial Cleaning Fee
$60.00 due at time of service
Large accumulation may be priced higher
Less accumulation will be priced lower


One Cleaning a Week-Residential
        average size lawns
1-2 Dogs $16.25 a visit $70.00 a month
   3 Dogs $18.00 a visit $78.00 a month
Four or more dogs are priced on an individual basis.

Two Cleanings a Week-Residential
         average size lawns
1-2 Dogs $13.50 a visit $117.00 a Month
   3 Dogs $14.00 a visit $121.00 a Month
Four or more dogs are priced on an individual basis.

3 & 5 cleanings a week priced on an individual basis

Please note price variations
Smaller lawns may be a lower rate
Larger lawn sizes may be a higher rate
Larger than normal waste will be a higher rate

One Time Service
Rates start at $60 for the one-time cleanup. Heavy
accumulation will be at a higher rate.

Special Clean Up Service
We arrive before the tents and caterers!
Rates start at $75 for a specific day and time.

We Offer the following discounts
One 5% discount per account
seniors over age 72
trained assistance dogs 6 months prepay
Active duty and retired military
Police, EMT, firefighters


Pay By:
Bank Bill Pay Online
Zelle to –
Personal Check

All Services are prepaid
The first payment is due at the initial service

Monthly invoices are emailed on the 25th and due
the first month for the next month’s service.

A late fee of $5 will be added to invoices received after the 5th.

There is a $30 fee on returned checks due to insufficient funds.

Prices are subject to change with notice

O’h What a Beautiful Green Lawn
Lyrics by ann-entrepoonure
(Melody…Oh What a Beautiful Morning)

Oh, the piles were mammoth and smelly
Weekly battles to get the job done
My heart skips a beat
When the Scoopmobile comes
No more smelly, disgusting
Big piles of dog dung

Oh… what a beautiful green lawn
Fragrance as fresh as the dawn
My Best Friend Butler comes weekly
Scooping dog doodys ’til gone

We Scoop Poop…because dogs can’t flush