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The Facts

One of the disadvantages of canine companionship is the constant chore of having to pick up after your pooch. Dogs on average poop 23 times a week! That’s an average of 15 – 30 pounds of waste per dog per year! Animal waste is not only aesthetically unappealing but hazardous to the environment as well. If not properly disposed of, animal waste can be collected by storm water runoff and lead to the contamination of our public water supplies.

Dog waste is composed of such organic materials as nitrogen and phosphorus, as well as parasites, bacteria and viruses. Eggs from these parasites can linger in your soil for years before hatching.

When decaying animal excess are left to sully our water supply, much needed oxygen is absorbed from the water and is then released as ammonia. Minimal oxygen and increased ammonia in water endangers the life of the fish and other marine life exposed to it.

Leave the tedious hassle of having to clean up after your pet to us!

We Scoop Poop, because dogs can’t flush